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My Ateneo Graduate School of Business Journey (Part 1)

It all started in 2009. The long journey to Rockwell actually kicked off in the rough, smoky, and noisy street of HV Dela Costa. I was in Makati already for about 3 months working in the country's top telecommunication company after leaving Cebu. It was a big shift for me in terms of the environment, the fast pace lifestyle, and the higher cost of living. Pimples (lots and lots of them) sprouted all over my face. I couldn't look at my face in the mirror that time. I was even told how horrible I looked straight in the face. I was broke, slightly depressed, and a complete mess. 

I found comfort in knowing that I have my sisters near me and my ex boyfriend (now my husband) who encouraged me throughout the transition period. I was supporting my sister's college education that time and often sent my extra at home for other expenses. Being the second eldest, I was expected to help my family. It was tough. There would be times that I do not know how to budget my money as there wou…

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